The following tables are available for download as Excel-compatible CSV files:

Additionally, a simple JSON API is available at /api.php -- the following are valid resources accessible from the API:

ResourceExplanationRequires ID?
all_routes_tableBasic information about all routes (less exhaustive than the full download)N
all_agencies_tableBasic information about all agencies (less exhaustive than the full download)N
state_summary_tableList of routes by containing stateN
state_route_tableBasic information about individual route (including containing state)Y
status_summary_tableList of routes by operational statusN
status_route_tableBasic information about individual route (including operational status)Y

Each resource may take the following additional parameters:

idIf the resource requires a Route ID, this is how the ID is supplied
rowsMaximum number of rows to return (default: infinity)
pagePage offset, if less than the full amount of rows is returned (default: 1)
sidxColumn to sort results by (default: first column)
sordDirection to sort results by, i.e. asc or desc (default: asc)